01 January 2007

Christmas at the Warczaks

Taylor and I recently decided to move our little family to Denver this summer while Taylor takes an internship at a law firm there. This probably means we'll be moving there permanently after he graduates in 2008. This made Stephanie a little homesick for the Northwest. We hadn't planned on going anywhere for the holidays, but we found a good deal on tickets home so we decided to make the trip. But we didn't tell my family we were coming and it was so fun to surprise them. We had my friend, Kim, pick us up from the airport and just rang the doorbell when we pulled up. It was really fun introducing Warren to his grandpa, 2 uncles, and aunt. Grandma Kathy had already visited us in Iowa, so she was the only familiar face. We had a great relaxing vacation - Warren slept through all 4 flights and we told him we'd reward him with something when he gets a little older.

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Anonymous said...

Long time no see!! Wow what a cute little guy. I'm soo happy for you and Taylor. So can it be true that you are moving to Denver!!!!! YEAH, Now you can come and see us and vice versa. McKenna and Ty are getting so big. Ty will be 4 in April and McKenna just turned 1. So you'll have to bring the baby around so that kids can play with their new cousin. Well take care and love ya