29 January 2007

January for the Dixes

So January meant that Taylor went back to school and Stephanie went back to work at the bank. We've been able to work a little system where Taylor stays with Warren in the mornings and I go to work. Then at noon, I come home and Taylor heads to school. I can't think of a sweeter set-up. They get their "man-time" in the morning, and I get dressed and out the door before 11AM :) It's been really hard trying to finish things I used to do at work because I'm only there 20 hours. But it's still really great. They've been more than nice to me in letting me work the hours I can. Taylor's schedule at school is awesome. He has a few big papers to write by the end of the semester, but that means less time in class. He's able to be home a ton, and its really fun. Sad that in a year and a half we'll be real grown ups and Warren and I will have to wait until dad comes home from work to play with him. But then we'll have money...so there's the upside! But then we won't have cute pictures like these...

We love our Iowa Hawks!

Baby works with Dad on the computer. He gets a kick out of staring at the screen. Hopefully we aren't burning holes in his retinas!


GordonandChrissy said...

Oh my gosh, he is so cute! I love the picture with him inside the hood of Taylor's sweatshirt. Man, he looks like he's grown even just since we saw him last. He's getting big!

stevenandkatrina said...

We are rivals. Purdue Black and Gold is way better than Hawkeye Black and Gold