07 February 2007

cold and snowy in iowa

Momma Steph and Cowboy Warren

Doesn't he look thrilled to be sitting next to me! If he doesn't want to sit by me now, I don't know what hope I have for when he's a teenager.

I look like a thug with my hat slouched like this, huh?

I'm a rocket! Perfectly straight with my awesome penguin slippers.


the camera...VERY SCARY

Getting less scary...

He so sweet when he sleeps...as long as we keep his hands held down.


We're totally bored. Taylor has had class until 9PM everyday this week. And its seriously cold outside (anywhere from -10 to 5 degrees) so I'm not about to take Cowboy Warren anywhere I don't absolutely have to. So we've been hanging out at home. I was just called to be the enrichment leader, so that sucks up a tiny bit of my time. But in general, we haven't done anything productive this week. Warren laughs now, and that's really funny. It usually happens when he's the most tired - right before he gets cranky. But it's hilarious. I called my mom and had her listen over the phone cause he was being so crazy. I love it!! Here's some pictures of us being at home.


GordonandChrissy said...

I hear ya with the bored thing. I haven't gotten ANY calls this week for subbing, so I've done about all the ironing/cleaning I can handle and now I'm just bored. I'm trying to think of another fun side job I could get...any ideas are welcome. :) PS, he's a cute little sucker.

stevenandkatrina said...

I totally know how you feel. Steve is always busy with school so I just take pictures of Chandler all day. Love how you are in the pictures too. I need to do that. Warren is super cute!