25 February 2007

Ice Storm

Having fun staying in bed all morning! Looking so good, I might add...

Even our friendly squirrels took cover. (we're white trash and have tires on our back porch:)

Window in Warren's room.

Taylor's car

The trees looked cool covered in ice.

Steph's car

Doesn't he look cute in his snow outfit!?

Steph's car this morning after most of the ice has melted. Still, I can't open my doors because the sheet of ice covering this side of the car.

We had a wicked ice storm yesterday. These are pictures from our windows and balconies (cause we weren't about to go outside!). I tried to open my screen door and it was iced shut, so if these look a little grainy, its because they were taken through the screen. It was super windy and bitter cold. They canceled church yesterday because they didn't want people out driving on ice. When is the last time that happened?? So we've stayed in our warm house for two days. Yesterday we didn't even get out of our pajamas. But we somehow managed to get dressed today and we took Warren with us to our neighbor's for dinner. He's nice and bundled (thanks Aunt Taria and Uncle Forrest for the outfit!). It's gotten much warmer, and the ice is melting. But our car is still encased. Hopefully it'll re-freeze tonight and I'll have a reason not to go to work on Monday!


mjdavis829 said...

Warren is just so cute. He just keeps growing and gets cuter and cuter. Can't wait to see you this summer. Love ya, JoDean

Greg and Sariah said...

one word....brrrrr