04 March 2007

4 months and growing

Baby genius...already reading!

Love my hat! Thanks, JoDean!

I am far too cool to smile for you, mom. So I'm just gonna stare you down.

It's funny because I'm so chubby, my little gut hangs over my pants. Hahaha.

Cute picture of cowboy, even though mom's hair is out of control.

Warren's learning to hold his own bottle. He's pretty good at it towards the end when there isn't a lot left and the bottle isn't so heavy. Here he's getting very sleepy, but he still manages to look at the camera. He's so vain...


Sunny said...

Will loves Warren! The whole way home from church he was saying, "Did you see Warren laugh when I was holding him? He's a cool little guy. Is our baby going to laugh?"
Cute new pictures! I love them.


GordonandChrissy said...

He's so cute! We miss him. And you guys, of course, but especially the cute little man. :(