19 March 2007


For those of you who just can't get enough pictures (grandmas...) I've uploaded every picture from our camera to Shutterfly. So now you can go and see every one of them - good and bad. :) And you can order prints if you're tired of waiting around for me to send you some.


My plug for shutterfly: It's beyond easy to upload all your pictures. I love knowing that if my computer crashes and my camera explodes while my house is burning down, I'll always be able to order prints because they're stored online. And their photo books are the best. I will never EVER scrapbook again. It takes maybe an hour to put together a stellar book to have forever. Basically I'm a huge fan, and I think everyone else should try it out. (I also use snapfish.com. Their prints are a bit cheaper, but I like shutterfly's other products better, and shutterfly's photo software you can download for free is awesome) I should work for them or something...