27 May 2007

American Idol

So at some point every year during American Idol I find myself singing in the car or the shower and a thought occurs to me: "I should TOTALLY try out for American Idol!". I mean if Sanjaya can get as far as he did, then I'd go straight to the top. But this year, I had to plan it out because now I have a baby. And Taylor would have to take off work and come with me to California so he could watch Warren. And I wouldn't want to come in any higher than, say, 5th place. That way I wouldn't have the pressure to record multiple albulms if I didn't want to. And then I wouldn't have to go home and have the mayor of Lakewood and the whole city throw me some forced party like the top 3 contestants have to do. That would be embarrassing. And I'm not very stylish, but they do give you a clothing stipend on the show, so I'd have to really fake being cool so America would vote for me. But I'm a nice girl, so they really would vote for me. I've got people in Washington and Utah, and now Iowa. And Iowans aren't well represented on Idol, so they'd eat that up. And if I could get Warren on TV with me, that would be good too cause he's so cute. Yes, I could definitely come in 5th place on American Idol...now I just need to find out where the next auditions are and show up. Oh but wait, my teeth are a little crooked, so first I need braces again. Everyone stares at your mouth, and they'd notice. And I'm note sure I could handle not seeing my baby for all that time. And what if I get pregnant again? Like they'd vote for a prego. And then I couldn't do the summer tour after the show. And I'd have to put some money into getting to the audition and wait in line with all those freaks who try out. Oh, and one more reason I can't come in 5th on American Idol...I just heard myself sing. And it wasn't very good. Bubble bursted! I guess I'll leave it for people like Jordin.


GordonandChrissy said...

Um, hello! If you want to try out, come and stay with us and I'll watch the baby while you're there. There, problem solved. Come on out. :)

katieo said...

My favorite line of this post was this:
"Like they'd vote for a prego!"
(I'm still chuckling)