21 June 2007

Summer Baby

Is the coast clear?

I'm gonna do it...

I'm really gonna strip, you guys.

Whoa! There...I did it.

And I think I LIKE being naked!!

(I love that fat little belly)

He wears a tshirt, so his red-haired self doesn't get sunburned.

We're all noticing his wicked mohawk, right??

We go from the mohawk to this lame outfit, mom? Seriously, I look like a weenie. (But a cute weenie, my darling)


stevenandkatrina said...

Those pictures are so funny. I love the progression....it made me laugh. Very creative. Warren is super cute. I love looking at your blog because then I know what Chandler will be like and doing in a few weeks.

katieo said...

Strategically placed towel. nice.

Also love the mohawk. We tried that on T but his hair is just kinda long and weird right now, so his stands up like 6 inches.

Tom said...

So I know that Taylor is like #1 or #2 in his class for law school. But I think there comes a point when you need to take a break from studying. If you don't, your mind will not think correctly. For example, usually when you go swimming you take clothes off. And when you go to the table you put clothes on. I know that being #1 is very important but take it from the guy last in his high school class... you may want to reevaluate a few things.