25 July 2007

Blogging with a 9 month old...Not Exactly Happening.

I'm quite lucky to have such a courageous, curious, and fearless little boy. That being said...he's driving me crazy. I get approximately 2 seconds to finish any number of tasks throughout the day, as he's into everything. He's a great crawler, and can now pull himself up on anything and shimmy his way wherever he'd like. I can't leave him alone. Not only because he'd destroy something, but also because he's a weenie mama's boy. I can't walk into the kitchen to put a glass away without wailing (if he had more teeth, he'd gnash them) and a frantic crawl in my direction. So I'm not getting anything done around here. Good thing he's cute.
I'll stop tearing up Temple Square flowers long enough for you to take this picture!

Well I can't be responsible if while I'm gargling, the water spews out everywhere!

Karaoke, anyone?


Sunny said...

I can't believe he is 9 months old! That flew by! He is getting so big!

GordonandChrissy said...

He is so cute! We are so excited to see him again at Christmas. By then, he'll be over a year! That's crazy. I love the karaoke picture...he totally looks mid-song. What a cutie.

katieo said...

My favorite picture is the microphone one- HA!

I totally know how you feel. Except Thomas isn't quite as much of a mama's boy as the older ones...so that does make it a little easier. As does having 3 and 5 year old superhero entertainment for the little one.