28 July 2007

Todd's Wedding

We went to my brother, Todd's wedding on July 20th. He and Jocelyn were married in the beautiful Salt Lake Temple, and had a wonderful reception later that night. We're very lucky to have her in the family! A little dance with Warren
My Dad and sister, Courtney
Taylor's sister, Emily, and her boyfriend, Jared
Todd and Mamma dance
Courtney and I outside the temple in the 102 degree heat.
Taylor helps tie on Warren's little tie. Taylor's mom made him this shirt and little matching tie out of Taylor's old shirt and a duplicate tie we bought.
My 3 handsome men!

Before the wedding at breakfast.
"I Love To See the Temple!"

The family: including Jocelyn!


GordonandChrissy said...

Those pictures are so cute! And, way to go Amy on making Warren's outfit. It's adorable! And her dress is super cute. I love how poofy and fun it is on the bottom. It looks like a fun dress to dance in. They look like a great couple! Where did they go on their honeymoon?

GO Gray's said...

Jocelyn is beautiful. Welcome to the family!!! That is the cutiest little shirt and tie Warren wore. Congratulations Todd and Jocelyn.

The O'Briens said...

Hey Stephanie. I was snooping at your cute blog. I just barely read a comment on mine from you and got excited to see yours. I can't believe how big Warren has gotten. He is adorable!! So fun to see what you guys have been up to. Hope you're having a good time and we'll see you soon!

The Skabelund's said...

What fun memories!

Jeremy and Steph said...

Steph, I saw your site on Krista's Web site...you guys look fabulous :) Warren is soo cute..9 months old..that's crazy! I hope you guys are doing well...what the heck are you up to??
We are also quite the bloggers :) j/k but you can check ours out at jeremyandsteph.blogspot.com