03 July 2007

Visit to Utah

We went to Utah for Grandma Walker's 80th Birthday party. It was a ridiculously quick trip. We came in late Friday night and took off after church on Sunday. So we tried our best to pack our Saturday with as much as we could. And for any of you (Laura!) who might get bugged that we didn't stop and see you...we were rushing the whole time and love you too much to only stop and say hi. We'll be back in town on the 18th for your viewing pleasure. Warren with Charla's dog, Miley. They both liked eachother alright, but neither of them was obsessing over the other.
Warren banging on the glass.
Sexy prego, Miss Charla
Warren with the 3 (count them...3!) Elmer boys: Jack, Matthew, and Nathan.
Sweet reunion in the Wilk: Dave Elmer, Jared David, and Taylor. Roommates and buddies as of Fall 1998.
Jared and his wife, Marie.
This is Grandma Beloy. Taylor's dad baptized her and her family back in the early 70's in the Philippines. They all live in Provo now and are so kind to us whenever we visit. Nanai really consider's Bob's (Elder Dix) kids as her grandchildren, and counts Warren as one of her 6 great-grand children. We had a good time with her and she was really happy to see us. We always feel welcomed and loved by her and her family! She held Warren the whole time and even though he was really tired, he stared at her and even cuddled a bit.


Tom said...

Dave Elmer huh? Next time you talk to him ask him what kind of reaction he got from the construction management students when he called them to repentance? In our senior CM seminar, Dave Elmer told everyone to stop cussing in the computer lab. The funny thing about it was that the CM department Chair (Jay Newit) always excuses himself at the start of each semester because he has a problem w/cussing. He claims that's just the way he grew up and he couldn't change (J. Golden excuses). After Dave Elmer's call to repentance the room went dead silent! It was very awkward.
One more thing... Stephanie, was Charla living in Helaman Halls our freshman year? Her face looks very familiar.

Greg and Sariah said...

Shut the front door!!! No way!!! 3 Elmer boys! Oh my goodness. How is Toni? 3...what are their ages... that is just crazy. I love seeing college friends kids. I just love it. That is just so cute. And Jared's married, and Doug! Geez, where have I been? What happened to Travis?