25 August 2007

10 things Warren's into

1. Grunting/growling/barking...He makes more wild animal sounds than people sounds. The barking is pretty funny, though.

2. Face diving into his blankets. He'll crawl to wherever they are on the floor and instead of picking them up, just plants his face into the ground and rubs it back and forth. He also tries to crawl around with it in his teeth - it's not working out so well for him

3. Clapping by holding one hand still and banging it with the other in a circular motion. (Kinda like that dance where you're pretending to be spanking someone...)

4. Feather duster

5. Cheerios

6. Being naked (He gets the exhibitionist in him from his dad's side of the gene pool, I'm sure)

7. Toilet paper

8. Otter Pops (thanks Wray and Natalie!)

9. The dancing bunny Grandma sent for Easter. (All we have to do is sing the song, and he takes off looking for it, it's cute)

10. Crawling away or turning his head every time I say the word "kisses". Rude, huh?? I just have to steal them :(


Finally he claps! Even if he does it a little differently. He just thinks outside of the box! :)


GordonandChrissy said...

Aww, little Warren-poo is growing up! He's so cute. I love the feather duster pictures.

Jen said...

Warren is adorable. I love that you blogged this list! Nate does the blanket dive thing too. Except when he is rubbing his face in it he says "aaaaah". It is so funny!

Greg and Sariah said...

What a funny kid. Cute too. That's always a bonus.

The J-Stagg's said...

He is adorable. Good job! We miss you guys!

katieo said...

Totally laughed at 2 and 3!