04 September 2007

chocolate + baby = chocolatey baby

So I had an Enrichment meeting at my house tonight. And by house, I mean my itty bitty apartment. So there's 10 of us grown-up girls here and Warren was in heaven. Lots of chicas to flirt it up with, everyone's happy to see him, things are good. So I wasn't paying too much attention to him and he found his way over to the corner table with cookies on it. Someone noticed he was eating one and asked me if that was ok. I don't care if the kid eats some cookie, as long as he's quiet. So he's chowing on his cookie and I'm not even noticing that he's managed to smear gooey chocolate chips ALL over the floor, the table, his face, his legs, his ears, and everywhere else. It was seriously out of control. So I'm trying to run a meeting and realizing that my child is a menace, I grab him up. It was truly a kodak moment, but with everyone sitting around, I did not pounce on the opportunity.

He's also barfed a few times on the carpet this week (we're teething and having some crazy side effects), spilled crystal lite, spit out some mushed up banana and played with it by grinding it in the carpet...this is why we can't have nice things! (The fact that we can't afford it is also a good reason) Luckily the carpets are being cleaned later this month, but I'm thinking we'll have to schedule a set day out of every month for the guys to come back, because this is out of control.



I know this isn't my baby...but it's close enough to what the kid looked like at the time of the cookie incident. :)


GO Gray's said...

oh my goodness! He's getting so big... must be from all of those chocolate chips!!!

The O'Briens said...

Oh, the life of a mother! Isn't it great? I love your blog. The music just makes me feel so "sexy" as I read your blog! Ha ha! It's great. And Warren is adorable.

The J-Stagg's said...

He's really adorable. And what a nice mom you are to let him eat cookies!

Greg and Sariah said...

oh how funny. i wasn't reading the bottom caption and i was like...whoa he looks so different with cookie on his face, then i scrolled down and saw it wasn't your kid. silly me. um we have grinded goldfish and pee and milk and you name it in our carpet. what to do what to do...i might as well invest in an at home carpet cleaner. expensive, but hey...these kids are out of control! luckily they are so stinkin cute!!!

Mary Ann said...

You're funny. Way to go.