23 September 2007

My Arch Nemesis

Why must they be so ridiculously delicious??

So I've decided that I'm tired of this muffin top Warren gave me and I think I'm ready to do something about it. For about a month I've been talking to Taylor about how I think I might join a gym, or how I might start eating right and exercising. But have I done anything - no way man. Let's recap yesterday: First thing I do in the morning is walk into the pantry to see what kind of cereal or oatmeal I want to eat. While deciding, I opened up my Lay's Kettle Cooked Original Potato Chips (mmmmm...) and had a handful while I took my time choosing breakfast. Well, it turns out we're out of milk, so no cereal. I've got a good idea - eggs, sausage, and biscuits. Yum. I ate a lot, so I wasn't hungry for lunch. But by 5, I was ready to eat. We get a Papa Murphy's stuffed pizza. Then we had a couple people over to watch the Iowa game and served Root Beer Floats. How disgusting is that? A whole day of junk.

I consider this post my invitation to you all think fat thoughts about me and I will just know that if I don't do something about this, then everyone reading will know what a big loser I am. And we can't have that. So starting after my bag of chips is gone :) I'll get serious about this. And by serious I mean I won't have pizza and ice cream every day, and I'll try to get 20 minutes of some kind of exercise going on. That sounds really not hard at all, but it really really is.


Street Fam said...


I'm with ya sister. I eat junk food all weekend and then TRY and fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, then cry! Will says I can get a pass to the university's gym, but when will I have time to use it w/ class, internship, and mommy life? We should team up together and get some exercising into our days!

The J-Stagg's said...

I second what Sunny said, except that I no longer live in Iowa, so I can't exercise with you ladies anymore... who am I kidding? I could never hang out with you anyway because I was always at work. And besides, what's my excuse for being a chub? You two have beautiful babies, and I have an..... all consuming job? And, btw, neither of you have even close to earned the nickname muffin top. What ever happened to her, anyway?

HeidiAnn said...

I am still laughing, but between the giggles I am thinking I am with you too. I haven't had the privilege of trying the kettle cooked lays potatoe chips, but maybe before I buckle down and start exercising again, I'll just pop over and help you eat that bag of delicious, not-nutricious yummyness.

Stephanie Dix said...

I welcome you over to eat them with me. I can't think of anything better than friends and fatty food. Except that there'll be less for me. But I suppose that's a sacrifice I should be happy to make.

Kim & Jason said...

OK sisters, lets do it! I went to Walmart yesterday and came home winded and needing a nap because I felt like I had walked a marathon. So yes I will also commit to getting back into shape. Count me in if I can still keep my chocolate and peanut butter!

jeremyandsteph said...

you should train for a marathon with me! Loads of "fun" a trip to san fran etc. etc. : http://www.nike.com/nikemarathon/
btw, you do not look like a chub!