07 October 2007

Calling All Mormon Nerds!

My brother is a freshman at BYU and called to get some idea for fun date ideas. I gave him a few, but he seemed fairly unimpressed. So if any of you out there have some ideas to share, I'd love to pass them along. Apparently a dinner and a movie isn't cutting it, but any of you who may have spent 2 seconds in Provo already knew that. These kids take dating to the extreme.

Here are 2 more funny "Mormonads" doctored by Divine Comedy. I'm amused.


HeidiAnn said...

I especially like the PHAT one! THat is hilarious!

Jen said...

These are hilarious! Where did you get them?

katieo said...

LOL!! It IS phat to be nice... those are awesome!

jonny and jenny said...

Okay, BYU date idea coming your way: prepare for the cheesiness.

My Girlfriend's Kitchen (they just built one in AF) has cooking demonstrations. They can go on a date to a cooking class/demostration, and then eat the food they prepare! Okay, I think it sounds like a lot of fun.
I think Thanksgiving point may do it too.

Aaron and Melissa said...

Date ideas...

Rent a boat and take a small tv/dvd player out on Provo Lake and watch JAWS

Go feed the ducks at Provo Lake

Build cheap stilts and go for a walk around a neighborhood, trying not to fall over (home depot and lowe's sell leftover pieces of wood for really cheap)

Create ice sculptures using ice cream- then as they start to melt, make sundaes

(I'm a friend of Chrissy's... I was 'blog surfing' and saw your request for date ideas... let me know if you want some more!)