21 October 2007

Temple and some Pumpkins

Yesterday we headed down to Nauvoo, IL to attend the temple. It was much needed - we hadn't been since we came back from Denver. I love the feelings of peace and closeness with Taylor and my Heavenly Father while I'm there. We had some people from our ward watching kids and Warren was an angel for them. I love this kid!

It was FINALLY sunny this weekend, and after the temple we headed to Kathy's Pumpkin Patch in Donnellson, IA. It was a really great place. Warren was too young to enjoy most of the activities, but he liked just walking around, seeing all the kids, riding in the wagon, and hanging out in the patch. We got some good pumpkins - ones with character. I love LOVE love Halloween, so our pumpkins can't be any ordinary ones. We are going to have some awesome jack o lanterns come next week!

It was pretty windy.

riding the tractor to the patch

Warren found his!


I love the wagon!


GordonandChrissy said...

That picture of him just sitting and smiling in the grass is SOOO adorable! That looks like a really fun pumpkin patch to go to, and you got some awesome pumpkins. I'm excited to see how you all carve them. We're getting ready to carve ours today as well.

And that's great that you got to go to the Temple this week. It's such an oasis and such a stress relief, I always feel so great afterwards. And the Nauvoo Temple is just, beautiful. Those are really cute pictures of you guys out in front.

katieo said...

I LOVE these pictures!

And am so glad you guys made it to the temple! I just went the other week (it had been over a year since I had been last. yikes!) It was SO great though!

Krista said...

You guys sure are cute. I have never been to the Nauvoo temple so I am a little jealous! Great pics though!!

The O'Briens said...

Warren is so stinkin cute! I just love his smile so much. That looks like a cool pumpkin patch!

esmiley said...

I think that Warren and Grace did pose by the same pumpkin! You guys got TONS of great pics...unfortunately our camera ran out of batteries, but we still got some good pics.

Street Fam said...

Warren is a total stud!! Your pumpkins have character Steph! I remember you never get the perfect, round pumpkins! You have a good heart. :)

**Em** said...

I love his shirt "Too cute to scare." So cute! My computer background is now Warren sitting in the pumpkin patch.

Can't wait for Christmas!

Sarah said...

Awesome pictures at the the pumpkin patch! Oh yes I of course like the temple ones too. OKay one question that I need you to answer...how do I put a video clip on my blog? Please advise. hahha. My email is becstwin@msn.com. Thanks
sarah ross

The Skabelund's said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend for the Dix family! I am glad that Warren travels good for you too. It is in the 90's this weekend here.

Mrs. Sew-n-Sew said...

I enlarged the picture of Warren sitting in the straw and could see his four top teeth! Very nice and white! Great pictures for us to enjoy. Thanks so much.