01 January 2008

Why Does Iowa Have to be SO Cold??

This last week we went to Taylor's parents' home for Christmas. It was great having all the siblings there together for a good time. We're back home safe and warm inside our apartment now and real life will commence. I'm afraid Warren is going to get pretty bored pretty quick without all the hub-bub of Christmas and not having 7 friends willing to play with him at any given time. Here are some of the highlights of this past week: Gordon's sweet bow-hunting skills (bet you didn't know he had them...but he does), making fun of Wray and his pretty BMW, taking turns wearing the moose hat and chasing Warren, Chrissy wanting a license plate that says "WIFE POO" (yeah, we think she's a little crazy), Wray impersonating a Mexican jumping bean, Emily and brothers "making air" (a little hint...your bum makes the air and it smells less than delicious), sledding with 400 year old sleds and Emily almost killing a man who didn't get the hint when she yelled "move! move! move!", shopping at Kohl's and cashing in on Grandma Dix's sweet discount, staying in pajamas until noon, not having to pay much attention to my child because there were 16 other eyeballs that could make sure he stayed out of trouble, Bob learning what "junk-in-the-trunk" and "badonkadonk" mean (our apologies to his seminary class), everyone laughing so much and so loudly that we all have headaches, Warren learning how to say "no touch", waking up with a sore right arm from trying to beat Natalie in tennis on the Wii, and plenty of other funny moments I'm too tired to remember at the moment. Good week. We had some family pictures taken, so whenever we get them back, I'll post some hopefully good ones of the whole group.

Cruisin' with a fun new (and noisy) toy

Uncle Wray

Aunt Emily and Uncle Gordon

Emily Drew the Helsinki, Finland Temple. She's good, huh???

Sledding! (With the same sleds Bob and Amy used as kids??? Hey - they worked)

Dix kids being nice and shoveling the drive for G&G

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GO Gray's said...

that looks fun. I miss the snow. . . but not the cold!!!