24 March 2008

Elvis Lives

So I'm basically in love with Memphis. What a great day! I wish we could have spent more time here (without cowboy would be awesome) to see and do all there is. We managed to squeeze in a few staples, though. Graceland was pretty cool. It seemed like a funny thing to do at first, but I didn't realize what a big deal he was. HE WAS A BIG DEAL. I think people 60 years old and up would probably appreciate Graceland in a totally different way. We really enjoyed it, though. Luxury in the 60's and 70's was totally different. Carpeted ceilings? Mirrored hallways? Whatever floats your boat, Elvis. A million trophys, jumpsuits jumpsuits everywhere, a car museum, his private jets, and getting to breathe the same air Elvis did. All very cool.

"Mmmmm...Memphis Barbeque!"

Memphis has a kick-a children's museum!

The Mississippi

Beale Street and the Memphis Blues!

Here are the rest of our pictures:


Street Fam said...

I'm glad you guys had fun. Carpeted ceilings...now I wanna see that.

GO Gray's said...

did you cut your hair? It looks cute.

**Em** said...

THat's so cool that you got to go to Graceland. Looks like a fun trip. How long of a drive was it?

Oh, and that "Happy Birthday Suzanne" cake from Walmart was on Jay Leno's "Headlines" last night!

Matt and Carolyn said...

Alright, I'm a blog stalker! haha Warren is soo cute, and I love your blog :) You guys are definitly doing the world a favor by procreating :)

Amy said...

Glad you guys had fun! I took over 125 pictures when we went to Graceland....just of Graceland!

HeidiAnn said...

It looks like you had so much fun on your trip. I am still bummed we didn't go, partly because it looks like you had fabuloso weather, but mostly because you guys are so much fun! I like the monkey harness btw. We just bought one for Alex too. He loves it!