24 April 2008


We participated in two great events last weekend. Here are some highlights.
Our good little buddy, Rocco, and his parents recruited a bunch of friends to walk with him for the March of Dimes. We all got sweet shirts and a bajillion snacks. The rain held out and we had a blast walking 6 miles with some of our favorite people.

All the excitement wore Nate and Warren out!

The night before we went to Relay for Life with a bunch of guys from Taylor's law school. I can't say I contributed much, other than walking a couple laps, but we had a lot of fun going. Thanks, Joseph, for organizing everything and for surviving (!!), so we could know you. :)

"Oh wait...I hate Herky! (Go Cougs)" - Warren

Jamie and I look SO hot compared to all the 19 year old girls there. If someone would have told us that ridiculously short shorts and sports bras were the thing to wear to an indoor cancer walk, we totally would have sported ours! (That baby bump would have looked SEXY, Jamie!)

Wanna tiger?

OooOOoH! Will's french fries.

Maybe...just...one.......or twelve...(Thanks, Will!)


Street Fam said...

Woohoo! Go Rocco n' Roll. Thanks for walking w/ me! :)

Tell W he can eat Will's french fries whenever he likes! I'm always telling Will that he eats too many. :)

GO Gray's said...

Way to go Steph!!! I don't have to see the girls in their sport bras and little shorts to know you looked WAY cuter!!!!

Jen said...

He is getting more adorable every day.

SarahandJD said...

you guys are such great supporters for these exciting events! Thanks for joining in with us!

Chrissy said...

I love his french fry face!

The O'Briens said...

Seriously, could Warren be any cuter? I love that little face. And I'm quite dissapointed you didn't wear your HOT sexy attire! ha ha.

Velvet Elvis said...

How did "Moving Rachel Out of Her Apartment" and "Dinner With the Burrows'" not make the cut for great events you did that weekend?

Jen said...

Warren and Nate were "zonkered" Chris says. What cute little boys we have! I thought you always carried your mini shorts and sports bra in your purse so that you are always prepared to party:)