16 April 2008

Websites that suck up my soul (and W's nap time)

I love these...can't get enough. Seriously.

(so funny! maybe because I'm white and they're all true)

IMDB (Who was that guy guest starring in law and order last night??)

ETSY (The biggest offender of time sucking. The cutest things - you can find anything!)

CRAIGSLIST (I can't wait to get to Denver and go nuts)

STREET VIEW on GOOGLE MAPS (You can see all the streets in big cities as if you were standing there)

WIKIPEDIA (Source of all knowledge, and settler of marital disputes)

Blogs - even the private ones :) Thanks for keeping me entertained, everyone!


Tamara said...

We will be using the crap out of Craigslist in a couple of months as well. Just so you know, we might have a lot of friends but we will always know who is #1.

Jamie Ortega said...

You are a horrible person for posting this!! I have just spent the last hour going through ETSY and have found soooo much stuff that i want and cant buy!

Jocelyn & Todd said...

I love that etsy website! Good find, steph!