27 June 2008


Look who enjoys baths again!

Many of you have heard stories about my son's crazy stranger bathtub phobia. He loved his baths in HIS tub in Iowa, but any other bathtub invoked fits of screaming and crying like a girl. Bubbles didn't help, nor did toys. He would just stand at the tub's edge desperate to get out while Taylor and I tag-teamed him. We had it down to a science. Traveling so much really did a number on him and eventually he gave it up. Perhaps he had been in so many different bathtubs by the time we moved in that he figured he'd be a man and suck it up since there was obviously no avoiding it. Needless to say, he hasn't freaked out even once since we've been here. Thanks, buddy. Cause mama doesn't allow stinky boys to live with her.


CGK said...

You didn't tell me that my boy was sick yesterday. Glad he's feeling perky and again enjoys his baths! Grandma doesn't like stinky boys either and Warren looks so happy and clean! I'm really trying to call him Warren although I still like Czak better!

GordonandChrissy said...

Yeah! He's come back to the wonderful world of baths. I remember even when he was super little and we were visiting there he was so cute in the tub!

katieo said...

Luke had a bath phobia too. It seemed so irrationally annoying.

then he hated showers. then back to hating baths.
now he likes both.