31 July 2008

Party in Utah

Warren and I made a weekend trip to Utah to give Taylor some quality time with his bar prep books. While we were there, our good Iowa buddies - the STREETS!- treated us to some sweet Ogden hospitality. I forgot just how much I missed those guys. Glad we're somewhat close to drop in every now and again.

Outside Red Robin - thanks free birthday burger

Ogden Children's Museum

I see firefighting in Ben and Warren's future.

After a great time with Sunny and Ben, W and I headed to Provo to hang out with Laura!! She scored free John Mayer tickets on the radio (lucky!) so we came to hang out and go to the show together.

Can't go to Utah County and NOT go to Tucanos. Yum...

The dog Laura rescued - Daisy. Warren loves her.

I'm not sure why this face is so funny, but it is. He loved Laura's vintage toys circa 1980's.

We stayed with Laura's parents in Salem and it was awesome! They were so good to us, we almost didn't want to leave! We had blackberries and raspberries from their garden for breakfast, Warren got to play with Daisy and (3!) kitties, meet some horses down the road and run around in their sweet backyard. Good times were had by all.

The concert!! We dumped Warren off on Emily and had a fun time at the show. I couldn't have had a better date! (Thanks for watching him, Em!)

Doesn't she just LOOK like so much fun?? We had a blast screaming like 15 year old girls and making fun of the freaky white ladies who dance like drugged up strippers. (You can find them at any concert you go to...why is that??)


GordonandChrissy said...

That looks like super fun trip. At first I was thinking, "Wow...that's a long trip for a concert." I keep forgetting you're in CO now, no more Iowa. Silly me.
Cute green shirt too. :)

Stephanie said...

We miss the Streets and the Dixes too! Hope the bar exam went well!! Must be glad it is over!!! We can relate:)