03 August 2008


Warren likes to run - just like his Daddy -- but he adds his own flare: announcing what he's doing every 3 seconds ("run...run....run........run...run"). He also enjoys running away in public places, like today when he escaped after church down the hall into the other ward's Relief Society meeting. And got to the piano and started playing before I grabbed him and the whole room started laughing. Which only fed his ginormous ego and he laughed his head off all the way to the car. I was thinking about punishing him, but it really was pretty funny, so I just laughed too.


GordonandChrissy said...

That was SO cute! I hope our little dude is as cute as yours. :)

P.S. Your backyard is awesome. All fenced in, wow. That must be so fun for him!!

Melissa Lasley said...

Super cute video. Eli watched it with me and now he is asking to come see you. I'd make the drive but frankly you live too far away. :)