05 September 2008

Vacation Pictures!

These are out of order, but oh well. We had a great trip to Washington to visit my family. Todd and Jocelyn came home, too...so the whole crew was there! We ditched our kid and left town for 5 days and went to Victoria, BC and Seattle. We also stayed one night camping in port Angeles which was awesome. We played the whole time with buddies Dallas and Ashley, who were great companions (you know they have to be awesome to spend that much one-on-one time with!)

our favorite cancer patient!

kissing his "whiskaaas" that are his hair stubble

"grampa...police car..." They go together. He's pretty cool in W's eyes

W is a natural at foosball

"golfing" in Canada

Playing Settlers (Joce's face is PRICELESS) haha

We went on a tour of Seattle's Underground - what was left underneath the city when they raised it after the fire of 1889. Very cool history and funny stories.

Victoria Harbor

Kayaking! So fun. Never been before, and most definitely not on a busy harbor airport. Dragon boat was going on, so we saw that, we went out aways and saw starfish and seals. Best thing we did.

Dragonboat Festival.


Laura said...

And to think you said you never do anything exciting...! PS, Port Angeles is the setting for a pivotal scene in the first Twilight book - not that I've read it, just heard it from someone else....... :) Looks like a fun trip!

Jamie Ortega said...

Steph I love the picture of you golfing! I never knew golfing was that exciting or I would go more often!

Jaimie said...

Oh man you should've mentioned you were settler fans earlier! We'll have to schedule a game night!!!

katieo said...

Looks like fun! I especially enjoy the golfing picture. And Warren playing foosball - him and Thomas would get along famously (actually they'd probably fight over it, but whatever)

(ps. is Taylor sporting 'stache?)