03 October 2008

Expanding Vocabulary

Warren's idea of what "smile" means:

after a sucker

on the airplane to Washington this week

with Grandma after church

Warren learns new words every day. And he likes to use them as often as he can. Example:

ME: "Warren, do you want some fruit snacks?"
Warren: "Fruit Snacks? FUN! YUMMY! TASTY! DELICIOUS!"

I guess that means "yes".


GordonandChrissy said...

Aw, I love his "smile". haha. I was just looking at pictures on Emily's blog and it made me miss all of you. I hope you're feeling and doing well. :)

Todd said...

I acknowledge that the boy has red hair and similar complexion, but that picture of him on the plane looks just like me.

Mandy Coffey said...

hahahahahaha He spits all the words out in one sentence... "YUMMY TASTY DELICIOUS" that's really cute!

Cole and Mindy Smith said...

OH, I love that kid. The tongue smile is SO awesome! Yeah warren!