18 November 2008

What's new with Warren?

He brings out his blankets to wherever we are, lays down, and asks "scratch you"? This kid loves loves loves getting his back and head scratched.

He got a new rug for his room (75% off at Target...and it's cute. Go me!)

He takes baths with his clothes still on.


GO Gray's said...

ok so did he go in the bathroom and do that without you looking or what??? That is sooo funny. I LOVE the rug and at 75% off Yay YOU!!!!

Tamara said...

There has been so many times that I have wanted to just jump into the tub with my clothes on....he has the best life ever!!

GordonandChrissy said...

Cute rug, and now I can picture what he was doing when we were on the phone and you said he hopped in the tub. That's hilarious. :)