31 December 2008

Christmas Rewind

Warren helps everyone unwrap their presents. Before he even knows what it is he shouts "COOOOOOL present" just about every time.

In case anyone was wondering what Scotty's head looks like these days. If you've got to have cancer, you might as well have an awesome shaped head.

It snowed in Washington - a lot! We drove my parents' sweet 1990 Jeep Cherokee around town since it was the only thing with 4 wheel drive. They don't do snow plows up there, so the roads were pretty bad for a few days. Warren did what he could to help out.

Notice his sweet Tacoma Police beanie my dad brought home for him. Warren calls him "Grandpa Policecar"

W loves McKenna. She's one of the few girls Warren is allowed to marry. They'd have cute red-haired babies!

Striking a pose in his sweet Christmas jammies. This was on Christmas Eve. He got to open a couple presents and the rest had to wait until Grandpa got home from work on Christmas Day - 3 PM. That's why we look kinda normal in those pictures above.


Laura said...

LOL - "coooooool present!!!" I'm totally stealing that next year!

(PS. I'm coming to see you in one week, missy. SO excited!)

Jade and Charla said...

So I have to have that picture of the two of them dancing! They would have dang cute babies! Email me the pic will ya?

Stephanie Green said...

The dancing picture is precious!