01 December 2008


...does a 10 minute snooze in the car replace a 2 hour nap!?
...is my child sitting behind me on this little chair pulling my pony tail from side to side and laughing about it?
...does he make me smile even though I just walked in on him causing all sorts of destruction?

This is why nothing ever gets done around here. So if you come over and my house is a wreck - don't judge me.


Kerri Whitney said...

love the new layout...so cute.. wish our snow here was a great looking as your snow...abbi can't even make a snowball that will stick...talk about dissapointment. Miss you guys

Katie Muir said...

That's why we have little kids, I've decided- to make messes and make us laugh:) Congrats, by the way, on a girl!! They are so much fun.

GordonandChrissy said...

Oh my goodness, that picture on top is just SOOO cute. Love it. His smile is awesome. :)

The Reynolds Family said...

My sister has the same problem with her little boy that is about the same age...I am enjoying Jackson currently while his not mobile and able to destroy!
Thanks for the reminder of the good memories, I got some good smiles out that!

Jade and Charla said...

I believe that when you have kids you get a couple of get out of having a clean house free cards!