22 January 2009

Iowa Tax Breaks

I thought I'd throw this out there for all of our Iowa friends. If you:
  1. Lived through the 2008 Iowa floods
  2. Went to school in 2008
  3. Have to pay taxes on your 2008 income
You may have won the tax lottery:


Turns out the government doubled the lifetime learning credit for those of us who spent June sandbagging, to no avail. Now you can get a credit (not one of those pesky deductions) for up to 40% of the first $10,000 of educational expenses. Click on the .pdf file above and search for "midwestern" for more information.

Don't know what tax credits and flooding have to do with one another, but it's nice to know our bailout-crazy government is thinking of us poor students.


Stephanie Green said...

Darn, moved out of there too soon. Ok, maybe I'm glad I did :)

Bullard Family said...

Thanks!! I am definitely checking that out!
p.s. Also thanks for rubbing it in that Denver is like 60 degrees warmer. Ahhh... got to love the Iowa winters right.