31 January 2009


I can't believe it's been 2 weeks, and I haven't posted about this! My old roommate and buddy, Laura, came to stay with us for a weekend. I LOVE having visitors, and she was the absolute best. Not only is she one of my funnest friends (funnest is a word, right?), but she even brings hostess gifts. She's so proper and cool like that - I'm sure her mother taught her well. Thanks for the Sees candy, Lolly! And she brought W some gold coins, which he found and tried to eat through the foil :). Now every time he sees a "money", he asks me to open it. Guess we'll have to get him some more.

We did a few fun things while she was here, which meant ditching Warren a couple times. I can't say that I minded too much. We went shopping, out to lunch, to an art sale, and to a dinner theater where we saw "The Producers". It was great having so much girl time. We miss you, Laura. Come back anytime!!

W called her "Miss Dora". A slam? No way, calling her that is the highest form of W flattery!

After church. She came and hung out with me and my sunbeams.

Waiting for our train downtown after we met Tay for lunch on Friday.

Outside our favorite cookie place. Warren loved "Sexy Santa"


Laura said...

FRIENDS! Words cannot express how great my time was at your Denver home. All I can say is, I. LOVED. IT. Really.

PS - I hope my chocolate money legacy stays with Warren for a long time. I mean, money is great, but isn't CHOCOLATE MONEY even better?


Miss Dora

The Reynolds Family said...

So fun! Lifetime friends are the best!