18 January 2009

Ode to my Slipcover

I really think that our 2 slipcovers have been the greatest things we've ever bought. Not only do they hide our beautiful seafoam-green-striped-couch, but when W barfs on it, we can just throw it in the wash (which we had to do last week, poor kid). Now if only I could tuck it in as nicely as Taylor - my feeble attempt to put it on pales in comparison to his tucking genius.

Just thought I'd give a shoutout to my man and my favorite furniture accessory.

Warren taking a nap on Daddy taking a nap. Even though we have a newer, "nicer" couch in the other room, we all love to snuggle on this one the best.

Can you tell which sorry attempt was mine? I didn't know about this secret talent of Tay's until after we were married and the seafoam couch came to live with us.


Street Fam said...

What wonderful slip cover, indeed! Sorry to hear that W puked. Hey, want to take a trip to Iowa and freeze our booties off? :)

Courtright Family said...

LOL. Maybe yours is just "shabby chique" or however they spell it (sheek? cheik). haha I've always wanted some slip covers but I can't get over the $70-80 price tag. Did you find a deal somewhere?