20 February 2009

Sad Valentines...

Warren stole the "I" out of the basket.

"Yum! Look at all the sprinkles!!"

Nilla wafers, carmel centers, dipped in dark chocolate. "Yum" is an appropriate response.

My sad cookies and my almost-awesome basket for Taylor

Valentine's this year wasn't one of our greatest. First of all, it was on Saturday. And I think that's lame. So on Friday W and I planned on taking a trip downtown to have lunch with Taylor and bring him a Valentines present. When I got up on Friday morning, I got right to work baking and melting chocolate. First thing that goes wrong - I take my sugar cookie dough out of the fridge and its TOTALLY crumbly, so I cut in some more butter and it turns out ok, but it's not going to be done in time for me to take frosted cookies to Tay. Boo. I'm a little disappointed, but decide giving them after work will be just fine. THEN, mid-cookie crisis, Warren throws up all over the rug. (He had a cold and just coughed too hard, I'm guessing. Dang this gag reflex!) So I stop baking to scrub my child and the carpet. Now I'm farther behind, but my other treats are coming along alright. I decide just to take a sampling of treats for W to pass out to some of Dad's work buds. We're about ready to go when I walk into a winter wonderland in the hallway. W found the baking soda I used on the carpet and sprinkled/dumped/threw the entire box all over. Sweet. Do you know how hard it is to sweep up baking soda?? Kinda hard, especially when you're in a rush to catch a train. We meet Taylor and everything is fine. I give him his treat basket later. Oh, except the U broke on my I (heart) U cookie. Now it says "I (heart) backwards J". Perfect.

Saturday is V-day. Taylor tells me he's off to get the candy he knows I want. But I ask to go with him so I can pick exactly what goes in that box. I think that makes me incredibly rude and unromantic, but I had specifics in my brain. So we all go and then run some errands afterward. That night we decided to take out the Elders in our ward since i knew they didn't have a dinner appointment. It's almost time to go and I get suddenly so sick. I feel awful. Probably has something to do with the polish dog I inhaled at Costco earlier. I stayed home and didn't even get a Valentine's dinner. I moped around and took a 3 hour nap. Then, just before bed, I brush my teeth and hurl up the entire contents of my stomach. But I feel better.

Here's hoping next year is a little more awesome. I doubt it'll take much.


Jessica Sorensen said...

I am so sorry. I love you basket for Taylor I might have to try that next year minus the getting sick part.

GO Gray's said...

oh Steph you poor thing. The basket is such a cute idea!!! It's the thought that counts. I LOVE J

Jocelyn & Todd said...

You make me laugh. You still get an A for effort!

Anna said...

Oh poor Steph! Hope you and Warren are feeling all better!

And I still think your gift is awesome! It's the thought that counts. Seriously cute cookie/ basket idea. PS you crack me up.

katieo said...

Dude. Your valentines day sounded as crappy as mine! (but I didn't throw up...just sick kids and no sleep. ugh)

I almost started crying when I saw the neighbor girl get picked up to babysit. nooooo! I wanted to open the door and yell, "DON'T FORGET. YOU BELONG TO US!!"

but of course I DO want her to babysit for us in the future so I decided against it. but still, all day i just kept saying, "next year, next year..."