21 April 2009

Infinity and a Hamburger

Yesterday, W was just one funny line after another. To wit:

1. [Steph and W outside in the backyard, looking at a worm]
W: "Hello worm. I'm Warren, [pointing to Steph] and this is momma."

2. [Driving last night]
W: "Oh, there's a yellow hydrant. Let's look for another yellow hydrant. There's ANOTHER yellow hydrant. These yellow hydrants are EVERYWHERE!"

Seriously, the kid can spot a hydrant from 1/2 mile away. I'm hoping this skill can somehow translate into a lucrative job for him someday.

3. [In the den watching Bob the Builder; C starts crying; W looks at her, looks at me, and realizes that this little lump of a sister is preventing him from watching his beloved Bob]
W: "Daddy, take her away please."

4. [Playing in the living room with mom and dad]
Taylor: "W, what does Buzz Lightyear say?"
W: "To infinity and . . . a hamburger!"

Of course, he starts laughing because he thinks he's so funny. Most of the time he is.


GordonandChrissy said...

Those are some cute quotes. I love the introduction to the worm. Hilarious. We're excited to hear them for ourselves soon!

P.S. What ever happened with the denim items on your doorstep?

Mrs. Sew-n-Sew said...

He should laugh--he's hysterical! Taylor, you must have written this entry, "to wit" is used.

Bacchus Family said...

Hello. This is Tracy Busath (now Bacchus)from Liberty Square (forever ago). I stumbled upon your blog through Tracie Ware's site. It is so nice to see that your family is doing well and growing. . .congrats on the new addition. She looks perfect.

John said...

Absolutely hysterical. If the hydrant-counter doesn't work out, he at least can land a gig doing stand-up comedy!