25 May 2009

The Halls!!

Doug and Tamara came out with us this weekend, and we had the best time. We don't get to see these guys often enough. Doug and Taylor were roommates at BYU and have developed a strong (some might consider borderline unhealthy) affinity for one another. Watching these two guys feed off one another and laugh at each other's jokes is pretty fun. And lucky for me he has a "kick-A" wife, Tamara, who I get to hang out with while they're off being awesome. She's fabulous in every sense of the word; I love having these two around.

Blenders? THAT'S RIGHT - Tamara and I are so amazing at the "spinny game" they have at Dave and Buster's that we each won a blender with our tickets. (See pictures below)

Doug and Tay were more interested in shooting things than winning blenders. But they were grateful for the milkshakes we made with them.

Doug helped Warren with his very first tats.

We took a picnic lunch up to red rocks. We left right before a huge (and pretty cool) thunderstorm started.

(The unstoppable force of awesomeness that fuses these guys into one being)
no joke.

W reunited with his first gf, Tamara. He might not remember her from 2 years ago (has it really been that long???), but she wooed him all over again.


Greg and Sariah said...

Jamal...how I can honestly say I do not miss Jamal. Not even a tiny bit. How fun that you had visitors. I wish I had a visitor...hahaha

You're little ones are dang cute. Warren...such a tease...playin with the older ladies. haha

tracie said...

I don't think you guys got enough tickets. Looks like a great weekend. Tell Doug hello and I'm still holding a grudge for him tipping over my canoe! :)

Tamara said...

We had such a great time, thanks again for being such great friends!! I am enjoying all of our many smoothies.