18 June 2009

Cami's Blessing

Two Sundays ago, Cami was blessed by her father at church. It was beautiful. She was beautiful.

The Grandparents

What our kids are really like and what they pretend to be

My Aunt Yvonne and cousin Lauren and Taylor's Aunt Sarah, Uncle Joe, and cousins Hannah and Emma came. Thanks, guys!

My wedding dress re-purposed. Good call, I'd say

oooh, I LOVE her!


Jocelyn & Todd said...

Love, love, love the dress!

HeidiAnn said...

ooooooh, I love her too. Aren't girls fun?! She is so pretty . .. and look pretty darn hot yourself Stephanie!! Miss you.

Julie said...

She's such a doll & I love the dress! Congrats to your sweet family. You look beautiful Stephanie!

BandHGardner said...

What a fantastic idea to use your wedding dress. I may copy you, if you don't mind (assuming I ever have a girl).

Cami looks beautiful and you look absolutely stunning. You are one, hot momma!

Krista Griffiths said...

She looks ADORABLE!!!!!

Bonnie and David said...

I just love the pictures of her looking up sitting on the chair? She is so freaking cute! She looks like a doll and a baby stephanie! I saw your baby pictures a while ago and I feel like she looks just like you! She is going to be a cutie! Good job with her blessing dress. I guess the chances of her wanting to wear your wedding dress are better now then when she gets married right? I want to give her kisses! xoxo! lets meet this summer! I am still looking at flights!

Anna said...

She is so BEAUTIFUL, Steph! I love her little delicate features and her adorable smile. She is such a doll. And she looked so cute on her blessing day!!!!! Love, love, love the dress. I think it was the perfect way to breathe new life into your wedding dress. Good thinking.