18 June 2009

Courtney's graduation

Baby Warczak graduated from high school! Congrats, Courtney! BYU is lucky to have you :). The kids and I flew to Washington to hang out for a week and celebrate with her. It was interesting having 2 kids in the airport. Luckily my parents and I were on the same flight going to Washington, and the airlines let my dad help me to the gate on the way home. My kids were angels, and I owe them ponies when they get older. Thanks, babies!Coming home from the airport. I don't look near as ridiculous as I felt waddling through the airport with my two kids and my two bags. Although everyone is super nice when they feel sorry for you.

Saying goodbye to Daddy the day we left.


Cami being loved by grandma and grandpa

We took a little trip down to see Mary Ann and kids in Portland. After a 30 minute scream fest because W didn't want to use their potty, things were great and we had an awesome time catching up with our friends. It's hard to believe it's already been a year since we saw them last in good ole' Iowa.

The two old ones and the two new ones

And 2+2=4! Four of the best kids in the world.

Uncle Scotty left for BYU today. Hooray to be done with chemo! He has some hair now (mostly on his face - go figure), let's hope his luscious locks come back pronto! Warren thinks he's the greatest. He was so kind to the two kids - even when they were annoying (I bet you didn't know my kids get annoying, but they do)

Most days were spent splashing in the pool. With clothes, without, whatever.


GordonandChrissy said...

Yay, congrats to the graduate! That's so brave of you to take BOTH on the plane. Way to go. And I'm so glad they were good for you. I'm going to MO right after Denver in July and I'm nervous with just one on my own. You're super-momma.

Melissa Lasley said...

Steph, I love your family. You are so brave to take the 2 kiddos on the plane. Go Moms!

Chelsea said...

it's so true that people help you when they feel sorry for you! i flew cross-country while preggers with a kid on my lap and one woman actually gave up her first class seat so i'd have more room to maneuver my 1.5 children. it almost made the flight enjoyable!

and great idea converting your wedding dress to a blessing gown. my dress sits purposelessly in a box. i may have to consider cutting it up for something else.