05 August 2009

For the grandfolks

Summer's been pretty fun for us. We have lots of things to do and good people to do them with. But it's mostly the same stuff every week, so I feel there's a lack to blog about. We go to the zoo, to Elitch, to parks, eat otter pops, throw water balloons, and play with our friends. Warren's turning into a major boy - laughing hysterically when he farts, wanting to wrestle whenever you sit on the ground (Cami and I have been staying at couch level to be safe), and picking up some sweet ninja moves from some kids in nursery. We signed him up for preschool in the fall, and mama is very much looking forward to six hours a week sans W. But he's been really good lately, too. I'm hoping turning three will mellow him even more. One night this week he was whining in his bed, and after a while Taylor went in to see what was wrong. T-"Why are you crying?" W - Because I'm not playing right now". So logical. :)

I also started exchanging dinners with two other girls (and their little families). So I cook dinner and deliver it on Thursdays, and I have dinner dropped off to me on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We're huge fans of this little arrangement so far. I highly recommend it.

Here are some pictures for the grandparents. Check out my "Chubba-licious". I just want to squish her all day long. And I usually do.
The only time in her life those cankles will be awesome.

Picasso doesn't like to look at the camera.

How she arches when she wants to look at the TV.


Jessica Sorensen said...

Cute! I like the smile in the last picture. And Addi has that same smile onsie and flower pants.

GO Gray's said...

She is just so cute!!! What a little doll.

GordonandChrissy said...

Oh, that little smile is so cute! We miss you guys. :)

And, your dinner arrangement sounds fabulous. I want to do that. Cooking once, getting deliveries twice? Awesome.

Bonnie said...

So freaking cute! I'm dying over here!!

jeremy and steph said...

what a good little mama you are! :) Your kids are adorable!
We just started doing the dinner exchange too...I LOVE it! It is a lot of work to get your one big meal done, but then you definitely reap the benefits later on in the week, or before in your case :)
Hope you guys are doing well!

Ryan and Courtney said...

Cami is just adorable!!! And I'm a huge fan of cankles... Westin has them, along with an extra roll of fat behind his knee. So precious... at least for now. Glad you guys are doing well!

Jocelyn & Todd said...

Love the cute kids! I can't wait to see them in a few weeks.

tracie said...

Brooke giggles too when some sort of bodily function occurs. What silly kids.
Love the pics of Cami. She is one cutie pie. We have to have you guys down so that the girls can meet. Sometime in August?

HeidiAnn said...

I love the squishy ones! Warren is so grown up! Preschool?? I didn't know you could put them in so early? How did you find the place?? Email me! I would love that for Alex.