22 September 2009

For You, Dad

These were the best ones I got, despite all my efforts. Here are some outtakes of my feeble attempts...


Have a good one, Dad/Grandpa! We love you!!


Bonnie said...

CAMI! Love her! those videos were so funny! dont you love it when your kids cooperate so nicely!
Cami has enough hair to put a clip in? wow!

Jamie Ortega said...

I think Warren and Isaac would be best friends! They obviously have the same taste in school accessories. Isaac also loves to stand in front of the camera when I am trying to take bellas picture and he is about a cooperative as a skinned cat when I am trying to make cute home videos. With all this in common I know they would be great friends. Since we just bought a house that means you have to move closer to us. Its just fair!

tracie said...

Love the videos. And Cami...she is the cutest little thing ever!!! We need to get together again. Are you guys free in October?