13 September 2009


Thursday was the very first day of preschool for little W. I have mixed feelings - ecstatic about the 3 hour break 2x a week, but I'm suddenly feeling very old (even though every other mother in my neighborhood with kids W's age seems to be 10 years older, and I'm still the "young one"). I mean, how did I become a mother of a preschooler? o.l.d. I'm not sad in the least bit (overjoyed is the opposite of sad, right?) but he's just that much closer to college and leaving me forever. THAT will be sad, I think.

A tradition we started - chocolate chip pancakes on the first day of school. I don't know who was more excited, W or Tay.

Are you seeing a theme? It's called - when mom tells me to look at the camera and smile I'll either not look or make a crazy face. He thinks he's funny.

His buddy Carson is in his class. I think it's nice to have one friend to make him feel comfortable, but a bunch of new kids to learn some better social skills.

Cami and I celebrated by going to the grocery store without W and then cleaning our kitchen without W and playing together without W. I'm glad to have some one on one time with my girl.

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Melissa Lasley said...

He is such a handsome little man!