02 September 2009

To Utah to Utah...

We headed out to Provo last weekend to spend some time with the Warczak clan. My parents were driving Courtney out to start at BYU (making the count 3 out of four kids to become Cougars -Todd's at the U - poor fella), and since Scott and Todd are already out there, we decided to tag along and make it an event. It was so much fun. We didn't have any real plans or schedule, just hang out and have a good time. We got Courtney all her last-minute must-haves for her dorm room, took Scotty grocery shopping, and celebrated Todd's 25th birthday at Texas Roadhouse. We cuddled the chubbo John Michael and took family pictures, too. We were also lucky enough to see Emily, Jared, Wray, Natalie, Chloe, and G&G Walker (Tay's side). Warren was so sad driving home with no more family to entertain him. Just boring us.

Pictures!Two of my very best friends, Katie and Laura, made a little time for us. Love them.

The two John Michaels

Mom, Todd & Jocelyn

Mom & Scott (see the hair?? it's a-growing!)

sisters - Steph and Court. How'd she get all the cute genes??

Yummy food, good company = perfect night.

Cami and JM are 2 weeks apart. So cute.

He was so good on ever leg of the trip. Love ya, W!

The Bean Museum at BYU (named after Monte Bean, it's not a museum full of sprouts)

Pretty much my favorite animal

Courtney the Coug

Bowling! Warrens new FAVORITE thing to do

Bath time at the hotel. W still asks to go to G&G's hotel room. I'm sure it had nothing to do with all the presents and candy you brought. He just loves you. :)

Court's cute dorm room

A little Rock Band @ Emily and Jared's (W still asks to go play the music and eat "spicy chips" at E&J's - guess I should go buy him some salsa doritos)

Chloe & Warren should sing duet

Mostly naked babes

And now a little video starring Grandma - she kicked our booties the first game of bowling. Not bad for an old lady :). And I took the victory on game #2 - 8 spares! And no strikes - the fates were against me.


Mrs. Horton said...

Ummm I look scared in that picture...

I love the one of W & C in their undies!

Melissa said...

Wow...seeing this makes we want to just press rewind on my life- back to Sept 2001. Freshman year was just too exciting. Diapers, morning sickness and laundry just don't compare! (just kidding, I wouldn't really trade, but its a nice daydream!)