13 September 2009

We call her Chubbalicious for a reason

Homegirl can eat! She LOVES loves LOVES her oatmeal and gets crazy excited when she sees the spoon coming. But when mom takes the spoon out, she screams bloody murder until said spoon is once again in her mouth - with more oatmeal, of course. No time to clean her chin, we just have to shovel it in.


Julie said...

So cute! That's how Addie was...I love those chubby babies!

HeidiAnn said...

Why do I always wait so long to blog surf and then I find myself reading like 5 posts I have missed . . . 1st- the BYU Game . . .AWESOME! 2nd- I am so jealous of Warren being in preschool. I can't wait for that day. 3rd - your kids are dang cute. 4th- these posts made me miss you guys. 5th - You are such a cool mom.

Jennifer said...

have you seen this website?
It made me think of you