26 October 2009

First Fieldtrip

I went with Warren's preschool class to the fire station last week. Holy cute. I wish I could just sit and watch this little class all day, they were so funny. I adore his teacher, and the firemen were all very sweet to the little kiddos. Warren being in preschool is one of the best things that ever happened to me (us). Not only do I get a break a couple times a week, but he gets to do cool stuff and make new friends and learn from his awesome teacher. New phrase he tells me all the time - "I'm following directions, mom!" Thanks, Mrs. Gall. You're the bomb.


GordonandChrissy said...

So, I know that he is getting big. But, I can't believe he is in Preschool and that he went on a field trip! Can he really be that big of a kid yet? He looks so adorable just waiting in line with his teacher. What a cutie.

Katie Muir said...

He's so big!! and cute, I might add. Glad you guys had fun!!

Keyton and Lola said...

Stephanie, did you know that Nick (that would the the husband) stalks your blog? He says of all my friends he doesn't know he likes you the best. Obviously he has good taste.

I love Warren's "I'm following the rules!" It makes me think of Keyton's "I followed all the rules Mom, because I had fun!" haha, he fell for the made-up rule sucker!