08 December 2009

Dear Santa,

I want a Fabulous Hudson Hornet for Christmas. I share and play and feel and touch and do "nice list" things. I listen to Mrs. Gall and Miss Taryn (preschool teachers) and Camille and Mom and Dad and follow directions. I'm nice to my sister and be gentle. Cami is a good girl and does "nice list" things like me. I look at things and not touch things. I say thank you. I'm nice when I'm painting. We hear things with our ears like animals roar real loud. I think Santa wants to watch TV with me - the blue Toy Story. I want a cool new little bean bag, a big big Mater, a big big Lightning, a big big big Fillmore and Sarge, more more trains, and a big Sally.

Thank you, Santa! Love,

**A little prodding now and then, but these are his words. I hope that's obvious :) I kept asking him if he was on the naughty or nice list. He'd say nice list, and then I'd ask what kinds of things he did to get on that list. "I do nice list things". Oh, duh.

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Jen said...

I ♥ it! He's so aware of the fact that he deserves all of these great things Mom. He's awesome Ü