29 December 2009


And it feels so good!

I FOUND MY RING! You can all stop praying now. It was balled up in a pair of nylons in my sock drawer. What the...!?!? My "theory" is that my ring was in a responsible spot on top of my dresser and I threw my nylons on top of them last Sunday after church. I grabbed them to put them away, and they were lovingly tucked inside the wad-o-nylon.

I had searched behind and under and in EVERY piece of furniture, searched through 4 bags of nasty garbage, every drawer (even said sock drawer - obviously not well enough), under the stove and fridge, in the vents, in Warren's toy buckets (kid has way too many toys), EVERYWHERE. I really thought it was gone forever. I even found my CZ replacement ring online. It was huge, I'm ever-so-slightly sad I won't get it.

I also left my wallet at Walmart on Christmas Eve. Didn't realize it until the 26th. So my wedding ring and my wallet (the TWO things I'm not suppose to lose - besides the kids) were lost simultaneously. Taylor probably could have gone ballistic on me. He kept his cool, though. Thanks, Tay. At least I never totaled a car by rolling it down a hill that could have potentially killed people. ;)

And I did get my wallet back, too.


Morgan Lasley said...

Poor old Saturn. Congrats on the ring! Keep it secret; keep it safe.

Mrs. Horton said...

YES! So glad you found it!

Jen said...

YAY ... So happy you aren't naked anymore without it Ü