23 January 2010


Avocado - 1
Stephanie - 0

The avocado decided it couldn't bear to part with it's giant pit, so it pushed the knife away causing me to stab myself in my palm. Stupid green fruit. I didn't think it was that bad until it wouldn't stop bleeding, and I could see all the fatty tissue inside. Didn't think that was a good sign. I called Taylor to come home while I finished cooking dinner. I held a cloth over the laceration (such a CSI thing to say...) with my free fingers. I ate, Taylor walked in, I went to urgent care, two stitches and an Us Weekly later, I was done. It'll probably cost me $800, but it's something that would have been difficult to heal up on it's own. So I can't complain.

In other news, my baby is getting WAY too big. Stop it, little girl! Stop growing!

Pardon the peaches on my shirt. They were yummy, though.

Don't you love my cute little bum? I made this mess all on my own. I even pulled off folded laundry from the couch. I'm getting very good at this.

Playing peekaboo with Mom. Favorite game, hands down.


Jamie Ortega said...

Sorry about your hand! It looks like it hurts. On a happier note, soooo cute! I love Cami's cheeks her chubby legs and all that beautiful red hair.

nathan n rachel said...

Avocados...yummy! I had to get stitches once on my pinky. It cost about $500. Hospitals are not cheap.

Laura said...

Hey now, YOU BE CAREFUL! ... Although I do think it's cool that you have stitches. Also I'd just like to mention that my neighbor received a fairly serious laceration from a similar incident with an avocado... So maybe this is your cue to start a Dangers of Avocados Awareness program? Opportunity's knocking, Steph...

Glad you are OK!

GordonandChrissy said...

Yuck-o! Sorry about the stitches. Or, as I would say, "Yikes!" Right? hehe.

That Cami is sure a cutie. We need to get her and Spence together to play some peekaboo. He loves it too. Wish we lived closer!

Mrs. Horton said...

I know what those stitches bills look like! Although we went to the E.R. which was probably 1000% more expensive than Urgent Care.

Cami is getting cuter and cuter everyday.

Anna said...

you know, dinner turned out delicious. I felt super guilty eating it, knowing that blood had been spilt in its preparation. that' love. Thanks, Steph :)

And Cami is SO ADORABLE.