16 February 2010


Superheroes to the RESCUE!!
He got this sweet cape at his buddy's birthday party on Saturday. He liked it a lot, but on Monday wouldn't take it off. That didn't bother me, so we went to the grocery store in all his superhero glory. He sort of caused a scene; people were chuckling everywhere we went. And when one guy said "Hey! It's superman!", Warren surprised me by boldly corrected him, "No, I'm a Superhero!" (said with his fists on his hips and his chest puffed out) Hilarious. He's usually pretty shy to strangers. Guess with the cape comes real superpowers. That King Soopers will never be the same. (For non-Coloradans, King Soopers is a grocery chain, not an actual king)

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Cole and Mindy Smith said...

Love that kid...love that I was the reason for all of that!  Makes me chuckle...