21 February 2010

Warren 3:16

Taylor here.

So W's primary class at church is memorizing John 3:16 this month. It must be on his mind today, because when he said his prayers before bed tonight, he dutifully said: " . . . please bless me to not perish, and to not kick, and to be nice, and to not say 'kill' or 'stupid.'" Got to love little kids' prayers.

W's latest catchphrase: "Chill out Camille . . . chill out, okay?" Once, this was followed by the exclamation, to no one in particular, "this is nonsense!" Are kids still this funny when they're 16?

Also, here is the lunch W assembled for himself on Friday. Yep, that's pepperoni, a pickle, a yogurt tube, and a slice of plain bread. He was genuinely thrilled. And, he's been asking to eat more pepperoni about every three hours since.

And, for kicks, here are the Mr. Potato Heads that W concocted this afternoon.

And last, a picture of my beautiful little girl. Don't want her to feel left out.


katieo said...

love it.

Almost didn't recognize Cami without the ferocious smile.

Katie said...

She's beautiful. what a great picture. I love W too.

John, Kara, and Myla said...

And for the record - he rocked the scripture too! Go Warren!

Jen said...

ummm helk yeah ! What's the point of reading the scriptures if we don't relate or take from the reading ... Way to go W!

Jocelyn said...

I laughed so hard when I read this post! Oh, that Warren.