21 March 2010

St Patrick's Day

We started the day off at the St. Patrick's Day Parade downtown. I thought it would be kinda cool, but it was AWESOME. At least for our tastes. Not a ton of overly impressive floats, but tons of cool classic cars, bagpipes, beads and candy. I even got a hat from LODO Bar and Grill. Sweet. (Though I'm still trying to forget the fat and/or middle-aged cheerleading squads. Give it up, ladies. "Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over...") And when people are slightly inebriated at 10AM, they say funny things - "Wow, I can't believe she's walking. She's like - so short" [said of Camille]. But most people were nice and normal. And some people thought that a whole clan of redheads on St Patty's Day was cool; we received so many looks and comments. I felt like a rock star. Sorta. Not really. But the attention/compliments were nice.

After the parade, we hit up Good Times for some yummy burgers and then went to the park. Before you judge me on how I take more pictures of Cami than Warren...he went down that slide 8 million times. Then when he finally decided to even consider doing something else, my camera batteries died)

A very much needed and appreciated family fun day.

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