12 May 2010


We went to California after going to Utah a couple weeks ago. We were gone for 12 days and had such a fun time! But since we've been back it's been go go go on house stuff. We closed on the 7th and it's been carpenters, electricians, dry wall guys, trips to Lowes, consumer reports, making budgets, breaking budgets, etc. ever since. All while mothering, I might add. To say I'm stressed is an understatement. It'll all get done, so I'm not worried. Just trying not to snap my kids' heads off in the mean time. :)

Anyways, blogging about our trip has taken a back burner. But I'm all about baby steps...

I present for your viewing pleasure - Disneyland. Starring Mama and Warren. Featuring Tamara, Bonnie, babies, and Katie (Tamara's MIL)

We rode the Buzz ride 4 times. He was in heaven.

It was a nice day, not crowded, and we had some great company. We rode the rides he liked over and over again. Good times had by all. Except for the Pirates ride and the Haunted Mansion. W still likes to remind me that those rides were "a bad choice, mom. You made a mistake. That was tooooo scary".


nathan n rachel said...

I love pirates and the haunted mansion! Poor Warren. He looks so cute in those sunglasses.

George Huang said...

Warren's lecture on the bad rides is really funny. Now I really want to know how he uses the word "inappropriate".