27 May 2010


I SHOULD be packing. But instead I'm having a little fun with the kids. Here's what this afternoon looked like. Warren kept saying "oh yeah, tough guy!" trying to taunt me so I'd spray him with water. Once all of his clothes were soaked, we stripped him down and he'd beg for me to spray him. "Simon says get me! Get me! Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top!" Cami was napping during the water wars. But she looked cute earlier.

We move on Saturday - wish us luck. New carpet is in, the plumber came today, and now we're done with hired help! (oh, except for the dude coming to fix our banister on Tuesday) But THEN we'll be done with them. (At least for several months while our bank account recovers from the shock of it all - I still have a bajillion projects in my head. Oh, the joys of home ownership!) It all looks so so so much better than it did before. Feels like home already. We're excited. Warren is happy about his "cool new house".


Krista Griffiths said...

Good luck with the moving!! Not fun! We are moving on Wednesday. Yuck!! Especially since a week from moving day is girls camp and I am ward camp director. I just want the next 3 weeks over!!! Anyways...I will be thinking of you unpacking as I unpack!!

Kristi said...

Did you get moved? I want to see pics. Congrats on home ownership. One of these years we'll join the ranks too. Oh, and where's our summer weather? We're still wearing our winter coat every other day.